Masque en cuir et feutre réalisé lors d'un workshop à Séoul avec l'écal





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Workshop à Séoul, autour du masque et de l'artisanat. Création d'une coiffe permettant de s'isoler des nuisances visuelles extérieurs et environentes. Travail sur le moirage, la géométrie ainsi que le mouvement. Hideout est un ensemble de formes (cuir et feutre) en mouvements.



We thought about creating a shadow mask through a moveable construction that can be fixed on the head. The surfaces that are there to donate shadow should be mobile to move them depending on the direction of the sunlight or bandwidths people. To get an interesting shadow we want to cut geometrical patterns into these leather surfaces. To maybe reflect also color not only patterns we thought to use felt inlays that could be fixed in the insight of the leather surfaces (could also help with stability).







Leather goods store in Seoul, Korea

Stool for leather

End of the workshop, exhibition at Matter Matter Studio in Seoul

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