MBAE Studio

"Les Objets Colorés"

4 vases borosilicate blown and colorated, handmade in Venezia, Italy

3 curtains silk 100% printed handmade in Como, Italy

4 carré 90x90 cm in silk 100% handmade in Como, Italy.

2019 Exhibition




Les Objets Colorés

Exhibition at La Cité Radieuse, Appartement 420 : Maison Mirbel.

From 05.05 to 05.09 

We worked on different typologie of objects in concordance with Le Corbusier.

First a new collection of  four vases taking the colours of the famous facade. Inside "La maison du Fada" we have different colours which are very important because they bring a certain cheerfulness in this mass of raw concrete.

Then a collection of three curtains 100% silk, handmade in Comó, Italy. Given the fragility of the silk we decided to work on a "clothespin" system Clipa. 

And finally, a collection of four Carré 90x90 cm in slik 100% handemade in Comó, Italy. We used a stool dear to Le Corbusier to create some colourful landscapes.


Les Objets Colorés Exhibition at La Cité Radieuse Marseille

Vase M+ Half blu with a purple border on the rooftop of La Cité Radieuse Marseille

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"CLIPA" is an easy system we developed to hang our curtains

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Carré 90x90 cm printed on silk 100% handmade in Como, Italy

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