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Mrs Criée

Range of furniture in 20mm tube diameter and seat in birch multiplex curved.





Mrs Criée

Winner of the design competition of the National Theater of the Criée in Marseille. Realization of a chair but also in the pursuit of the project, a bench.


They asked me to make a versatile, light chair to travel from the restaurant to the lobby for a performance and then greet the audience for a presentation. This versatile chair passes everywhere thanks to its monochrome color, which gives it an ease of movement and adaptation in space. It has a relative comfort because I chose to make the back and the seat (of the chair) in wood. The system for attaching the backrest is made by the eyelets. What makes the chair identifiable. In a sense, I decide to revisit the school furniture but for adults. 


Project in progress with the Domeau & Pérès publishing house in Paris.










Monochrome chair for "La criée of Marseille"

© 2018 par Eisenlohr Adrien

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