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MBAE Studio

Oblungo Collection

Borosilicate blown and colorated.

Small 130x130x(h)120 mm Medium 130x130x(h)160 mm Medium 2 130x130x(h)200 mm Large 130x130x(h)240 mm

2018 OFF Maison & Objets

2019 1000 Vases Dubaï

2019 PalermoUno Brera Design District




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Smooth shapes, sensuality of glass and transparency characterize the collection of vases: Oblungo. Made in Italy, this coloured mass of glass, traps light and transmits its color in the domestic environment. In Italian, Oblungo means "an elongated and soft form", a name that symbolizes the purity of a very ordinary geometric form. Glass is a material that likes roundness, curves and patience.

Oblungo comes in four sizes and four differents chromatic duos.
The vases can be used alone, added together or superimposed to design a landscape of colors with an infinite variation.

Every pieces are hand made in Italy. Blown in Paderno by an artisan Massimo, then colored in Nerbone.










Zoom on the small vase half azur blue and border grey blue

© 2019 par Eisenlohr Adrien

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